3D Milestone

In Bosrijk in the Meerhoven district there is a very special and different house that was not built in the traditional way. This is the first 3D printed house and therefore a world first. It is made of cement and built up layer by layer by the printer. From the outside it looks like a house from the cartoon series 'the Flinstones', but inside it is ultra-modern.

This very first 3D printed house attracted a lot of attention from both the national and foreign press. In addition to the domestic press, The Guardian even came up with a news item about this innovative way of building.

The house was made with a robotic arm that was printing cement 24/7. This arm was then fed by a long hose that carried the cement. 8 different hollow elements were printed for the house and later these ''walls'' were filled with insulation material.

Once the house was finished, all loose elements were transported to the place where the house now stands.

However, this house is the start of something bigger because there are already 4 other multi-storey houses on the schedule. In contrast to this first house, it is the intention that these houses will be printed on the location itself.

Due to this new way of building, much less materials are needed to build a house. The pollution caused by this way of building is also a lot less and new houses can be built faster, namely within five days.

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