Blob Eindhoven

The futuristic building ''de Blob'' is located on the 18 septemberplein. This building contrasts with the environment which is traditionally built. De Blob was built by an Italian architect called Massimiliano Fuksas and the name also has meaning: Binary Large Object. In the computer world this is a mess of data and in architecture a strange building that can take on all kinds of whimsical shapes. The state-of-the-art building is the entrance to a shopping center called the Admirant. There is also a lunchroom in the Blob where you can enjoy the view of the 18 September Square and the Philips light tower on the other side.

Nowadays, the building really belongs to the skyline of Eindhoven. It has become a well-known meeting place for Eindhoven residents and visitors. The creation is 25 meters high and consists of a mix of steel and glass. The building is opposite the Philips light tower, whereby ''the old Eindhoven'' is joined by ''the new Eindhoven''.

De Blob is joined by a smaller building with the same design of steel and glass on the other side of the 18 septemberplein, this one was made by a different architect and is called the bubble. Between these buildings there is a bicycle tunnel underground on both sides with access to an underground bicycle parking space with space for 1700 bicycles! This bicycle tunnel was also made by Massimiliano Fuksas and also resembles de Blob. If you look at the entrance to the bicycle shed, you will also see a part of what has been created with glass and steel.

With all these innovations and new techniques that can be found on the 18 septemberplein alone, Eindhoven really presents itself as the design city.

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