Admire the iconic Tegenbosch and Hovenring bicycle bridges

Eindhoven has many beautiful wide cycle paths, so you can enjoy a day out on the (electric) bicycle.
Eindhoven also has a few beautiful iconic bicycle bridges that put the city on the map worldwide. In addition to a good dose of technology, the bridges also excel in design and those are exactly the two pillars for which Eindhoven is known!

On the Anthony Fokkerweg there is a new bicycle bridge called counter forest. This bridge crosses the N2/A2, making the area towards Eindhoven Airport, Meerhoven, Veldhoven and, in particular, Brainport Park accessible to cyclists.
In terms of appearance, you can not ignore it, it stands out so well hanging above 14 underlying lanes. The bridge is 130 meters long and 7 meters above the underlying road surface at its lowest point. The bridge is equipped with special lighting. On the bridge deck, the lighting reacts to the speed at which a passer-by enters the bridge. This lighting can distinguish between pedestrians, cyclists and mopeds. Both parts of the lighting have a different color palette per season. It is highly recommended to cycle over it.
You will reach this bicycle bridge if you come from the center via Strijp-S by means of the Philips de Jongh walking park bike and at the end of the beautiful cycle path turn left towards Eindhoven Airport.

The other eye-catcher and strong example of technology and design is bicycle bridge The Hovenring.
The Hovenring is a bicycle roundabout suspended by cables from a pylon above a crossing in one of the connecting roads between Eindhoven and Veldhoven. This special bicycle roundabout allows cyclists and pedestrians to cross the intersection unhindered by car traffic.

The cycle roundabout has LED lighting in the light ring on the inside and heating to keep the cycle path free of ice. This bicycle bridge also guarantees Eindhoven's pride: technology and design. This bridge is especially popular with tourists.
About 5000 cyclists cycle on the ring every day, great isn't it!


Fietsbrug Tegenbosch



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Simone Greefhorst

Simone Greefhorst


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