What is a KNAAP e-Fatbike?

You can discover Eindhoven and the surrounding area in all kinds of ways. Have you ever thought of doing this on a KNAAP e-Fatbike? You can zoom past all the highlights of Eindhoven without any effort.

What is a KNAAP E-fatbike?
The KNAAP E-fatbike can best be described as a mountain bike with super thick tires and a robust frame. This E-fatbike has an electric pedal support. So great cycling. With this bike you can cycle on any kind of surface. You can count on a lot of attention on the way because you are guaranteed to fall for this nice KNAAP E-fatbike. The bike has five assist positions and 8 gears, so you can move forward at the speed of your choice! On position five you float forward!
It supports up to 25 km per hour, so you can continue to ride on the bike path without a helmet. This E-Fatbike has a range of up to 140 kilometers! This cool bike is also much better for the environment, no emissions and therefore a clean way to travel long distances and enjoy!

Knaap Eindhoven
E-Fatbike Hovenring

The KNAAP E-fatbikes can be rented at www.citytourseindhoven.com.

You can also book a fun four-hour tour with picnic in the park through this link.

Are you considering purchasing a KNAAP E-fatbike for your home? They are for sale through us, feel free to ask us for more information!

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Simone Greefhorst

Simone Greefhorst


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