What is there to do at Strijp-S?

The hip and creative area of Stripe S was once a dull and old industrial area and is now the hot spot of Eindhoven.

From 1916 to 2000, Strijp-S was an industrial area called Strijp. Anton Philips was the first to build a factory here. After Philips, many inventors and investors had a major influence on today's technology. be like that The Clock Building, Het Ketelhuis, Het NatLab and Het Glasgebouw are also located in Strijp-S. The name Strijp comes from the name that Philips called its business parks. Strijp-T and Strijp-R are also part of the Strijp district. Philips also had the idea in the past to build Strijp-IJ and Strijp-P so that the letters would spell out Strijp, but this never got off the ground. It's a shame because that would have been very special, right?

In the past, Strijp-S was also called the forbidden city because the site was only accessible to employees of Philips. Today everyone is welcome! Many old factories have been transformed into homes and nice shops and restaurants have been opened. There are also many creative workplaces. The average age of the inhabitants and the target group of Strijp-S is from 20 to 34 years.

Klokgebouw Strijp-S

There is so much to see at Strijp-S, but let's start with the old buildings where many Philips products were born.
The clock building, for example, is such a beautiful building! Naturally, the building owes its name to the recognizable clock where the numbers have been replaced by the letters 'Philips'.
The building is currently a multi-company building with more than 100 workspaces. Oa in this building PopEgg, known as a music venue. The ground floor regularly hosts festivals, events or concerts.

The boiler house is another beautiful old Philips building. The building was built in 1929 to generate compressed air and electricity on the industrial site. The boiler house is now a restaurant with its own bakery, bar and a beautiful wedding location on the second floor.
The boiler house also has an oil house. When the sun is shining, the terrace is ideal for enjoying a drink and tasty snacks with friends or family, such as nachos or appetizers.

Strijp-S also has a real fresh shop. Vershal het Veem is a covered fresh market where you can get your daily groceries. You can browse around or have something to eat on the spot. There is also an Albert Heijn to go.

Another nice place is The urban shopper, a small-scale indoor shopping center with 20 special shops. Between the concrete pillars (which are still there from the old Philips building Anton) a labyrinth of wooden units has been built in which the shops are housed. The entrepreneurs are all creative and are involved in design, art, fashion, music and craft. Really worth to visit.

It is impossible to name all the nice restaurants that can be found on Strijp-S. Just go and have a look, there are a lot of really nice hip places there. If you fancy a nice ice cream but then a really tasty ice cream then you should go to Intelligentia ICE at Strijp-S. They sell really delicious ice cream there, but also with surprising flavors.

Strijp-S also has a train station, so it is easily accessible. In addition, you take from the station Strijp-S easily take the train to Eindhoven Central. Strijp-S is also very easily accessible by car, because there are many parking spaces and parking garages in this area.

Every third Sunday of the month there is a Feel Good Market. This market is a very nice and busy market with many regional products, tasty snacks and drinks. There is also always live music. A really fun day out for all the family. This market is also fun for the children because there are also many activities for children.

Also special is Area 51 Eindhoven, a former Philips machine factory where all branches of 'urban culture' come together. Area 51 is best known for the skateboard and BMX sport with a real skate park. Nowadays sports, culture, music and dance are represented there. The building is currently being renovated. It really is going to be a really cool place to visit. The old underground dressing room of the Philips building will be converted into an event space for club nights, concerts, etc.

Really, Strijp-S is a very nice place to shop, eat/drink, chill, live or work. Worth seeing with your own eyes.
With the Street Art Tour Eindhoven or Picnic Tour you will of course also pass by Strijp-S.

Want to read more about Eindhoven? Then look at www.citytourseindhoven.com

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Simone Greefhorst

Simone Greefhorst


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