What is there to do in Woensel-west?

Woensel-West is a neighborhood in the west of the center. This neighborhood had a bad image but has turned into a modern, colorful and hip area!

In Eindhoven itself, this neighborhood used to be known for its problems such as prostitution and crime. Woensel-west is a working-class neighborhood and is full of rental properties and very small homes. A TV show in the Netherlands in which they visit 'problem neighbourhoods' has even brought this area to the fore. The image of all the problems that took place in Woensel-West was really not favorable for the city. That is why the city council decided a few years ago to make improvements. And today you can really see the result of that.

One of the things they did is replace old houses with completely new ones. These houses are unique and striking because of their colors. The houses are painted in all kinds of colors and this shows the new image of the emerging district: colorful, hip and dynamic. The first part of the district is called Volta Galvanic. Galvani Street was the first to be renovated and the name Volta Galvani refers to the two discoverers of galvanism and the battery respectively.
There is also a lot of greenery for the well-being of the people.
The area with the new homes is called: the Celsiusbuurt.

In addition to the new houses, they have also built new shops and restaurants full of vintage fashion, culinary food beauty, wellness, music and much more. The new shopping area is called: the Woensel Westside stores which is now an up and coming shopping spot in Eindhoven. There are already 39 stores. They are often starting small entrepreneurs. There is, among other things, a bakery and there they sell bread and pastries at a reduced rate because it is a day old. Great concept against food waste. There is also a nice wine boutique with a fully organic range.

A tip is the new Kelderman & Van Noort (KEVN) on Galileistraat. A combination of food, drink and art. They themselves call it 'the house of makers and viewers' with studios, exhibitions and a bar in the green. It has just been delivered and the result may be there.

Do you want to go to Woensel-West?

Then take the train from Eindhoven to Eindhoven Strijp-S. Then it is only a 5 minute walk and you are on location.
By bike or car? Then drive to Celsiusplein and from there you can explore the nice neighborhood.

In addition to the beautiful colorful houses and shops, there is also a lot of beautiful street art or murals to view. If you have the Street Art Tour If you book you will of course also pass through this urban district and you will see all the nice street art and murals throughout Eindhoven, including an explanation of the works.

Want to read more about Eindhoven? Then look at www.citytourseindhoven.com.

Woensel West
Volta Galvani Woensel West
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Simone Greefhorst

Simone Greefhorst


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