The Bear Pit

For fans of Graffiti and murals there is a special place in Eindhoven to admire this: De Berenkuil. De Berenkuil is located near the University of Eindhoven, the Ijzeren man outdoor swimming pool and the Wasvenhoeve.

The Berenkuil consists of tunnels that you can walk and/or cycle through and it looks like a real arena. The bicycle tunnels run under the highway from Eindhoven to Helmond. The walls of the tunnels are full of the most beautiful works of art with often topical subjects. It is legal for the artists to create their works here. Every year in June there is a festival called 'step in the arena' where famous graffiti artists from all over the world come to. Every day there may be new works, so it is also interesting to go there more often. They also call it the open-air graffiti museum.

The Bear Pit was created in 1973. Because the walls were so gray and dark, people thought it was a maze. They decided it had to be happier. They have asked graffiti artists to decorate the walls with graffiti. Since it was such a success, they decided to make it a legal place to spray graffiti.

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