Relax diner spot in Eindhoven

Since 2017 Eindhoven has a new trendy diner spot: DOWN TOWN GOURMET MARKET.  A vibrant place that connects people and cultures.

Down Town is located right in the Centre so you can take  all sides from there. So the Van Abbemuseum-known for its contemporary art-just steps away. For young people it might be more fun to visit Dynamo; a creative platform for young talent wich is about 50 metres from Down Town gourmet market . There are also many trendy shops in the area.

Down Town gourmet market has a round terrace (indoor and outdoor) and among the many plants you can find about twenty mini restaurants. Behind every counter are professional chefs, but also enthusiastic students, expats or families who would like you to taste their court trials. You can then eat them anywhere on the terrace or take your meal home. There is a central bar for drinks. Take a look at the other activities and attractions of City tours what appeals to you.

And what can you both eat at the trendy diner spot? So much.. Toasted sandwiches, fish, burgers, fries, ice cream, enchiladas, sushi, rolls, pizza … Every kitchen has its own concept and its own prices. You can only go there but also with a large group it is fun and so you have something for everyone. When you start eating dinner, you can smell the scent of all countries. You can go there for a snack or for an evening meal. You can also drink and you get spoiled by the waiters would like to help you in making choices and inform you what wine is great with which court. In the summer there is more place because a very large terrace is open where you can sit in the sun. Food is not the only reason for people come to Down Town they come also to enjoy and relax. Unfortunately, the chef cooks at the Down Town Gourmet market not because that market is six days a week from twelve to twelve open. For children there is near on the market in Eindhoven a carousel where they can play.

Take a journey through all different cultures and let yourself be pampered by delicious dishes, hospitality and the mood of Down Town!


wheelchair users/rollators accessible.