With only 7 kilometres from the heart of Eindhoven, Eindhoven Airport is the place where a journey to Eindhoven often begins and ends. There is a lot of space to park your car. When you stay less than 2 hours at the airport, f.e. to pick up friends or family, you can park right in front of the terminal.

When you are travelling yourself, you can park in one of the other parking lots. You must place a reservation, but these parking lots are still less than a 10-minute walk from the terminal. Are you here for a short time and in need of a car, there are plenty of options to rent a car at the airport.

When you are waiting for a flight to depart or arrive, you can enjoy one of the facilities at Eindhoven airport. For a quick and fresh sandwich, you can stop by at Farm Food and drinks. Are you looking for a bar to have a drink, before you leave or after you arrived, then Upstairs bar is the one for you.  Are you in need of coffee, go to Starbucks. You can also sit down and eat at La Place. They have a wide variety of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From the restaurant, you can easily access the ‘panorama terrace’, which has a view over the airport and the planes. Here you can enjoy yourself, before you go back into the chaos of travelling.

For souvenirs or other last things you need before flying, you can count on Eindhoven Airport, with shops for travel bags, clothing, literature and even flowers.

Do you have to catch a flight very early in the morning and don’t you want to leave early from home, there is a hotel at the airport, Tulip Inn. It is a beautiful hotel with 120 rooms, a bar and restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Have fun with your journey to and from the city of lights!