Your visit to Eindhoven starts in a radio

The station is a central location in Eindhoven where people meet each other. This, or at the airport, is the place where your visit to Eindhoven usually starts.

Central Station Eindhoven is right in the center of the city, on walking distance of the Philips stadium, Philips museum and DAF museum. On the station’s central side, the statue of Anton Philips invites you in.

Bus 400 from Eindhoven Airport will take you in 20 minutes to the central station.

From this station it is possible to travel by train to for example Utrecht, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and to the beautiful coast of Zeeland. On the backside of the station, buses can take you through Eindhoven and surroundings. Inside of the station are shops and on the square in front of the station is the tourism board of Eindhoven. There also are 2 guarded- and unguarded bicycle racks. At the station you can rent public transport bikes which you can use to explore the city. If you want to go into the station, you have to go through the gates.

The station was opened on the 1st of July in 1866, during that time it was still in Woensel. Woensel was a village next to Eindhoven in the past, but now it is a district in the city. In 1956 the station-building was rebuilt. The architect Koen van der Gaast designed the building, which often gets compared to an old Philips radio. The radio the building gets compared to, was designed years after the rebuilding. The inside of the station-building was renovated in 2017, in order for it to be in the same style as the outside of the building.

There are around 67,000 train passengers and around 15,000 bus passengers a day at this station. The expectations are that there will be 100,000 train passengers a day at this station by 2020. In a few years the station will be expanded so that the city is more accessible for international, direct trains and better train traffic nationwide. In short, central station Eindhoven is an appropriate start of your visit to the city!