Hercules disaster monument

On July 15, 1996, the Hercules aircraft of the Belgian Air Force flew through a flock of birds. A few of these birds got into the engines, causing two of the four engines to break down. For this reason they decided to land but did not come out well on the runway, so a go-around had to be made. Meanwhile, the third engine was also shut down by the crew and it went completely wrong during a maneuver. The plane crashes at Eindhoven airport and a communication error between the air traffic controller and the firefighters has made it even worse. The fire service believed that only crew members were on board, so little effort was made to open the cargo hold door. Unfortunately, there were indeed people in the cargo hold, a total of 41 people, of which 4 Belgian crew members and 37 members of the Royal Dutch Army.

34 of the 41 occupants did not survive the disaster.

A year after the disaster, a monument was unveiled for the fallen victims at Eindhoven Air Base, which was only accessible to the relatives. The monument consists of two closed circles with 34 memorial columns on the edge and a bronze cross in the middle, 1 light for each fallen victim. A path has been built where the Hercules plane scorched the grass and the path leads to the monument.

The second new public monument on the Dommel has the shape of the letter H, which is also the first letter of the plane that crashed. The monument, which is accessible to everyone, consists of 3 metal plates with all the names of the killed victims engraved.

The monument is very impressive and worth visiting. It is located between the town hall and the Van Abbemuseum. It is a place where family and care workers can mourn.

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