The perfect casino night out in Eindhoven

The Holland Casino Eindhoven is a stylish place where hospitality is paramount. It is a ideal place for a perfect night out in Eindhoven. It has a wide choice of gambling games. Players can also bet their money on various table games and slot machines.

The Holland Casino Eindhoven is located on De Markt. The casino is located in the Heuvel, this is an indoor shopping center. The shopping center was designed by Walter Brune and opened in 1992. It has its own parking garage, from this parking garage you have direct access to the casino. The shopping center also has a covered bicycle parking. There are also several eateries and shops near the casino. Around the corner is Hotel-restaurant Queen located, this is a 3 star hotel where you could possibly spend the night or have a something to eat. But you do not have to leave the casino to dine. The casino has its own restaurant where you can enjoy a snack and a drink or a fully catered 3-course dinner. The restaurant is in the top 3 of best restaurants in Eindhoven and when you book in advance you get free access to the casino.Furthermore, an evening of casino can easily be combined with a visit to the Van Abbbe modern art museum, which is a 10-minute walk from the casino.

If you think that Holland Casino will go live without any live music, then you are wrong. Every month there are a number of events that take place in the casino, these usually also consist of performances by different musicians. When these events take place and which musician can be found in the casino, you can find them in the agenda on the site.

Holland Casino is the only provider of table games such as American Roulette and Black Jack, so they have a unique position in the gaming market. When you visit the casino you also have the possibility to choose from different packages. The packages are mainly aimed at groups but you can also use them when you are with 2 people. There is a suitable package for every party.

In short, if you want a quiet evening but still want to be among the people, a visit to the Holland Casino perfect night out in Eindhoven!

The casino is open every day from 12:00 to 03:00 with the exception of 1 January.