Geldrop Castle

This castle is located in Geldrop, which is southeast of Eindhoven.
The first information about this castle comes from 1340, but it is very likely that the castle was there before. The castle has been through hard times. In 1651, for example, a tower was almost completely blown away during the Gelderland Wars. In the 17th and 18th centuries the castle was very neglected, but in 1770 the castle had a major restoration.

In 1974 the castle was bought by the municipality of Geldrop under the condition that both the castle and the estate could be used by the people. In 1996 it became the property of the Geldrop Castle foundation. They have the same goal as the municipality: to allow the castle and estate to be used by the population.

The castle is currently used for various purposes. For the business user, there are meeting rooms, lunch options and corporate events can be organized.
It is also ideal for weddings, parties, drinks and photo shoots.

You can enjoy a lovely walk on the beautiful estate , which also has a large playground with a petting zoo . Do you want to learn something about nature? Then take a walk through the senses garden where you will learn everything about flowers, plants and bees. To support this, there is a labyrinth with treasure hunt.

Would you like to drink coffee, have lunch or have a drink in a beautiful place? Then come to the idyllic English landscape garden. Here you can enjoy peace and quiet with a beautiful view.

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