Food shopping in Eindhoven; where cultures come together

The Kruisstraat is the most multicultural street in the heart of Eindhoven. In this street you can discover the secrets of different international cuisines.

The Kruisstraat is closeby the train and bus station of Eindhoven. You are able to walk to the district in about 10 minutes. When you pay a visit to this street you may also consider going to the Downtown Gourmet Market. It’s about 15 minutes by foot. It has a lot in common with the Kruisstraat but there is a more casual vibe at the Kruisstraat. But both are excellent locations for food shopping in Eindhoven.

The beauty of this street lies in its multiple different cultures, that come together right there. you have many different restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat, these places are all inspired by different cultures and countries and are not like your everyday restaurant. There are a lot of eateries with a twist, a lot of them are a mix of cuisines. For example, you have a South-Indian and a Chinese Surinamese restaurant. There is also a roti shop and many more of these kinds of special places.

Another edition to the experience is the usually excellent customer service. A salesman will help you with choosing the best spices and other ingredients for all sorts of exotic recipes.

At the end of the street is a square, the Woenselse Markt, every Saturday a market is held there. And there ‘re even more interesting things to be found there. This market has over 500 stalls. You can get a lot of different vegetables, fruits, breads and cheeses here but also jewellery, books and a variety of fabrics.

In the Kruisstraat you can taste special dishes while you get submerged in all the different cultures. Would you like that as well? The Kruisstraat is for everybody that can enjoy submerging in other cultures. Also interested in some great food shopping in Eindhoven? Stop by!

How to get there:

  • You can take bus 405, 406, 322, 9 and 404. You always have to get out at the Gildelaan bus stop. From there it is only a 4-minute walk.
  • When you go there by car, there are plenty of parking facilities (one direction).
  • You can also choose to go there by bike because there are lots of spaces to park your bicycle.
  • From the central station it is 10 minutes by foot.