Cube houses Helmond

In Helmond there are 18 cube houses designed by architect Piet Blom. After the completion in Helmond, cube houses were also built in Rotterdam that are somewhat more well-known in the Netherlands. The 18 houses together formed a whole with theater 'het Speelhuis', but this theater was destroyed in 2011 by a fire. The theater is now a little further away and is built in a former church.

When the first houses were built it was a worldwide hit, being treated in American magazines and described as ''giant dice''. When the first houses were built, the Helmonds Dagblad wrote that there were about twenty candidates for the 3 houses that were already there. When more houses came on the market, interest had subsided and there were not yet enough buyers for the 18 houses.

Once the cube houses were finished, the theater opened in the same style. The theater 't Speelhuis was made up of 37 cubes and contained 3 halls, the largest of which had 430 seats. There was also a café called Blom en Sanders named after the architect Piet Blom and visual artist Har Sanders.

The cube houses can still be seen.

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