light tower

The light tower is one of the most famous buildings in Eindhoven. The white heptagonal tower of 48 meters high was the first high-rise building in the city of Eindhoven. When the Philips factory on Emmasingel had become too small, the building was taken into use by Philips in 1921 as a factory and test department. The building has always been the face of the city from 1921, as other buildings were not allowed to block the view of the light tower. The name light tower comes from the time when Philips still made light bulbs here. The lamps were tested here well into the night and the bright rays of light could be seen far into the distance.

When Philips moved out of this building, the tower was symbolically returned to the city. The building had to be used again by people from Eindhoven. Usine is currently located on the ground floor with a real industrial look and feel and many details from the Philips history. There are also special shops on the ground floor and mainly companies from the creative sector on the first floor. A large part of the building is used as a hotel with a reminder from the Philips era above every door. The corner rooms have a jacuzzi.

Together with De Blob, the light tower is the most photographed part of Eindhoven.

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