The best place in town where music and art come together as one.

Do you want to go for a nice evening out with friends or family? Do you want to check out the amazing art the city has to offer? If you’re answer is yes to those questions, you should definitely swing by the Parktheater in Eindhoven!

Eindhoven is famous for it’s technology and innovation. So music and art can’t be left behind.

The theater is right next to Stadswandelpark, which is a big and beautiful park where you can walk or ride your bike. It’s also right next Stadspaviljoen; a restaurant where you can go for a delicious bite.

In the theater you can check out plays, stand-up comedy shows, workshops and obviously live music. The venue releases it’s program really early, so you can buy tickets months in advance. The duration of the activities ranges from a couple of hours to days. They also plan activities for children, so for every age there is something to do. The ticket price differentiates per activity, sometimes there are even free shows!

Most of the shows are in the evening. That way you can explore the city beforehand. For instance, you could do a bike-tour through the city, check out the Van Gogh monuments! If you’re not so physically active, you could swing by the Downtown gourmet market. This is a place where there are a bunch of little food trucks and restaurants.

Inside, the Parktheater is decorated with all kinds of art, property of various artists. One of the most famous events in Eindhoven is ‘Glow’. This events celebrated light. In the span of a whole week, the entire city is lit up with numerous lightbulbs and other light-art. This takes place in November, so remember to pack a jacket!

The theater is also accessible for disabled people. Also, there is a special seating area for people with a wheelchair.

So do you want to go for a fun evening out? Enjoy nice music and look at some beautiful artwork? Then you should swing by the Parktheater Eindhoven!

  • Accessible to rollators, wheelchairs: Yes; special wheelchair seats, wheelchair access and toilets.
  • Parking: There are several public parking facilities in the vicinity of the Park Theater. On the map below is indicated with a ‘P’ where you can park your car. Paid parking is available every day between 9 am and 9 pm.
  • the parking lot between Parktheater and Stadspaviljoen (zone number for call parking 5175)
  • Disabled parking spaces are available for the building.