Where the history of Brabant comes to life

In this open-air museum, you can experience how people lived and worked in Brabant, from prehistoric times to modern times, in a historic setting through all kinds of activities.

The park has been chosen by 4,000 museum inspectors as the “Kidsproof” museum 2018 of Noord-Brabant “and is one of the larger cultural attractions of Eindhoven. It is located in one of the nature parks in Eindhoven and it is the place to experience the history of the Brabant. The park is small-scale and that makes the museum easy to combine with a visit to, for example, the entertainment area StratumsEind, where you can take a delicious snack and drink, or to Piazza, a modern indoor shopping centre. You can also visit the stadswandelpark (city walking park) or the Genneper Parcs from here. The park was once created from a need to bring the past to life. Derived from a prehistoric farm, in 1998 they started building what is now the Prehistoric Village. All houses, farms, forges and other buildings in this park are made in the way they used to build the houses in those days and with the aid of the tools from that time. This in order to be able to reconstruct all houses and other buildings as well as possible.

The park consists of six time periods and areas, From prehistory to the 80-year war, these can be visited in this museum. Every area has its own place in the park with its own buildings and tools from that time. In addition, the park has an inn where you can eat and drink. This is all taken care of and supported by a team of enthusiastic and child-friendly employees who tell you about the history of Brabant. Dressed in typical clothes from the time and place they come from, they walk around the park. There are also many activities in this museum. You can learn how formerly bread was made or can you canoe or javelin. Also, if you are interested, you can try out a forging or woodcutting course.

So, if you want to experience the history of Brabant, this is the museum for you.