Experience an exciting football match in Eindhoven.

In the PSV stadium in Eindhoven you can experience very exciting football matches of PSV. PSV has been among the top football clubs in the Netherlands since its inception.

The PSV-stadium is close to various activities. For example, there is a PSV- museum, a casino and many different places in the neighbourhood where you can eat something. There is also a restaurant in the stadium that has been awarded with a Michelin star. A visit to a football match in Eindhoven in the afternoon is fun to combine with an evening in the stylish restaurant where you can have a bite to eat. When the match takes place in the evening, it is nice to visit the PSV- museum during the day before the match starts. After the match you can take a drink and discuss the match in café ‘De Verlenging’.

In 1910 the Philips team was founded. This football team is the forerunner of PSV. The location started as a sports park for the residents of Philipsdorp, a neighbourhood specially built for Philips staff. In the beginning it was a real sports park where athletics, together with football, the most important sport was. In 1916 the first covered wooden stand was opened. Eventually in 1933 the new covered main stand of stone and concrete was opened. The stadium then had a capacity of 9000 people. Since then, the stadium has been increasingly developed. The stadium now seats 36500 visitors. The stadium is located on the Frederiklaan in the middle of the city centre and is very easy to reach. It is within walking distance of the station and there are several parking garages in the neighbourhood.

In addition to exciting matches in the PSV- stadium, a concert by one of Holland’s greatest artists takes place here: Guus Meeuwis. The concert is called ‘Groots met een zachte G’ and has become so popular in recent years that it now even lasts for a whole weekend. The concert is held when the football season is ended.

Opening hours: Open Monday to Thursday: 10:00-18:00
Friday    : 10:00-21:00
Saturday: 10:00-17:00
The stadium is also open 2 hours before and 1 hour after a home match.

Prices: The prices for a match depend on the type of seat and the opponent, but are usually between €20,- and €70,- per person.

Are you interested now in visiting a football match in Eindhoven? Do not hesitate and visit one of the most beautiful stadiums in the Netherlands!