Stönner Meijwaard Bridge

The bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal is part of the 14-kilometer route called 'the Green Corridor'. It is a green connection between the center of Eindhoven, the historic market in Oirschot and the national landscape Het Groene Woud. The aim is to get more greenery, more experience and recreational opportunities on this connection between Eindhoven and Oirschot. A beautiful route that shows the beauty of North Brabant.

The bicycle bridge is made of wood and rests on two brick piers on two sides of the bank. In the middle of the bridge you have a beautiful view of the St. Peter's Basilica, which is located on the Markt in the center of Oirschot. To reach the bridge, two steel bridges have been made, these are two slowly rising cycle paths to reach the bridge. There is a rust-colored coating around the bridge railing and in the evening it is beautifully lit.

In Oirschot and at the Wilhelmina Canal, during the 2e World War I was a great battle. As a result, the bridge is named after 2 soldiers who died during German shelling in 1944. Rinus Stönner and Willem Meijwaard fought for the freedom of the Netherlands with the Princess Irene Brigade.

We recommend that you view the bridge in the dark to get an even better picture, but it is also very impressive during the day.

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