One of the best hotspots in Eindhoven

Strijp-S is an old industrial zone that has expanded to a separate district of creativity where young people can express themselves in the most beautiful and exciting ways. Therefore it has become one the hotspots in Eindhoven for creativity and free expression.

From 1916 until 2000 was Strijp-S an industrial zone with the name Strijp. Anton Philips was the first person to build a factory here. After Philips many inventors and investors had a significant influence on the technology from nowadays. For example, Het Klokgebouw, Het Ketelhuis, Het NatLab and Het Glasgebouw are also located in Strijp-S. Among others, these buildings have provided the birthplace of many product from Philips. The name Strijp originates from the name that Philips named his industrial parks. Strijp-T and Strijp-R are also parts of the district Strijp.

This creative area also has a train station and it is very near the Evoluon. Besides that, you can easily take the train from Strijp-S station to Eindhoven Central. Strijp-S is also very accessible with the car, because there are many parking garages in this area.

Nowadays, Strijp-S is the hotspot in Eindhoven for international creative people to express their passions. From sports and theatre to graffiti arts, you can find everything in Strijp-S to admire. The old industrial zone of Eindhoven attracts a young target audience of 20 to 34 years old. The inhabitants of Strijp are also around these ages. Logically it are the young people that make this creative area in Eindhoven so popular. For youngsters that had trouble with the theoretical subject in school is Strijp a perfect way to express their creative minds.

Do you fancy yourself a day of cultures and Dutch highlights? Visit Strijp-S and experience the history and future of this creative industrial zone. Surprise yourself by the creative input of young people in Strijp. It is the perfect place to discover Eindhoven in a creative way.