Strijp-S is an old industrial area of Philips that has grown into a hip and creative part of the city. This has made it one of the most important hotspots in Eindhoven.

From 1916 to 2000, Strijp-S was an industrial area of Philips in the Strijp district. Philips was looking for space to expand because it had become too small in the center. In the First World War, the employees of competitors Siemens and AEG had to take part in the battle and therefore largely came to a standstill. Philips employees were able to continue working and the number of employees increased rapidly. Guest workers from other countries also came to Eindhoven because of the war and went to work at Strijp-S, resulting in a rapid increase in the number of employees. Philips quickly expanded Strijp-S to 3 factories of 7 floors high and Strijp-S covered 25 hectares. In addition to these buildings, Strijp-S also houses the Klokgebouw and the NatLab. Because the area was only accessible to Philips employees, it was nicknamed “the forbidden city”. If you weren't working for the company, you couldn't get in. The former Philips sites Strijp-T and Strijp-R on the other side of Beukenlaan were built a little later. Philips used to have the ambition to build Strijp-IJ and Strijp-P so that they would spell out the letters Strijp, but this never got off the ground.

Nowadays Strijp-S is the hotspot in Eindhoven and there is plenty to do here. It is still a creative part of the city with many businesses in this direction. You now see a lot of new but special high-rise buildings in the streetscape, including the new Trudo tower with several trees on each floor, which makes it a vertical forest. Urban sports center Area51 can also be found here. Be sure to come here to marvel at the art of BMXers and skaters. The Veem building houses a small food hall and a beautiful brewery with a tasting room. You can enjoy shopping in the Urban Shopper in the Anton building, and more and more shopping options are being added across Strijp-S. For music you have to go to pop stage Popei and for the medium-sized concerts in the Klokgebouw. At Strijp-S, the FeelGood Market is held once a month on the Ketelhuisplein, a market inspired by the Hippie markets in Ibiza.

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