This is the site of Innovation and Acceleration, the heart of Brainport Eindhoven. It seems as if it is in the 'DNA' of the Strijp-T business park. Philips has made great strides here in the past and later international companies such as ASML and NXP arose. This vibe has never left here and now more than ever. This is the place where new technologies are developed.

The impressive industrial and historic buildings that make Strijp-T so unique have been renovated and are ready for a sustainable and comfortable future.

Strijp-T is ideally located in the heart of the Brainport region, opposite Strijp-S train station and a short distance from the highway and Eindhoven Airport.

Pleasure at work is central to Strijp-T. There is a lot of greenery and it invites you to go outside for new inspiration and to meet other people. There are several dining options and within walking distance is Strijp-S, Strijp-R and the Philips de Jongh walking park.

Companies that want to establish themselves here have to deal with the theme 'Make-Create-Innovate', which means that they have to make products that add creative value or are innovative with new products. The companies must also be associated with at least one of the four

occupying thematic areas of Strijp-T; high-tech, experience, sustainability and smart-society.

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