The art of Eindhoven

For lovers of Graffiti art, there is a very nice place in Eindhoven to admire many graffiti paintings: De Berenkuil.

De Berenkuil are tunnels where you can walk and or cycle through. The tunnels run under the highway from Eindhoven to Helmond. The walls of the tunnels are full of the most beautiful graffiti paintings. It’s legally for graffiti artists to paint their paintings on the walls. There is even a festival every year in June where famous graffiti artists come to. There can be new paintings every day, so it is also interesting to go there more often. They also call it the open-air museum. The Berenkuil is close to the university of Eindhoven.

De Berenkuil was created on 1973. Because the walls were so gray and dark, the people thought it was a maze. They decided that it should be more cheerful. They have asked graffiti artists to decorate the walls with graffiti. Because it was such a success, they decided to make it a legal place to spray graffiti.

De Berenkuil can be combined with a visit to De IJzeren man Eindhoven wich is across the street. This is a natural swimming pool near the center of the city. The location is suitable for swimming, events, terrace, weddings and parties.

After all these activities there is a big chance that you will get hungry. Near De Berenkuil is therefore a cozy and luxury restaurant called Karpendonse Hoeve (higher segment). Here you can enjoy special dishes on a culinary level and you have a view over the Karpendonkse Plas. If you are looking for something special you must go to the Wasven Farm. Her you can find a coffee roasting, shop, big green garden and a social restaurant. You can enjoy the terrace with nice weather and the children can play in the green garden.