In 2000 Eindhoven received a new piece of art, but this time in the open air: the flying pins. The flying pins is a colourful statue and is perfect for those who love the fresh air while admiring special arts and sights in Eindhoven.

The flying pins is easily accessible as it is located nearby Eindhoven Central Station. The statue is located at the John F. Kennedylaan, which is diagonally across the station. You are able to walk to the flying pins in about less than 10 minutes and you can either reach it by train, bus, bike or just by walking.

Just like other sights in Eindhoven, the flying pins have its own special meaning. This work of art has been created by two Dutch artists; Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. The flying pins is one of their first art works that has been revealed in open air. Because of its length they saw the Kennedylaan as a bowling alley. The pins are associated with their idea of the bowling alley and make it a complete image. The name has been derived from the bowling idea, where the pins must be thrown over by the ball.
The colour of the flying pins also has its own special meaning. The colour yellow stands for the many daffodils that grow at the Kennedylaan every spring. The colour yellow also beams energy and inspiration, which connects to the industrial and technologic side of the city. And the colour yellow should give brightness to the students at the technical university of Eindhoven which is directly located next to this special sight in Eindhoven.

So are you a fan of art and do you like to walk around in a more quiet area? Then stroll by the flying pins; the most original sight in Eindhoven.
There are no times or entrance fees linked to the statue and it is publicly open 365 days a year.