One of the most ‘illuminating’ must-sees in Eindhoven.

The Philips Museum is known for its big database and information about the past about one of the most important companies. The museum is partially situated in the old lightbulb factory from Philips. Philips greatly shows what the company looked like in the past. This might cause you to get a nostalgic feeling. The unique thing about this museum is that it is the only one where a lot of the Philips-products, from 1891 and on, are shown, the first lightbulbs and the latest VR-glasses. Philips is also known for doing a lot with all the actualities in mind. The passion for technology made Philips make an Augmented Reality tour in the museum. You can explore the world of Philips Design and the ideas behind iconic products while using a tablet. You can learn about the first graphic designs of Louis Kalff from 1925, via timeless design classics, to the solutions of Philips today. The AR-tour is a real addition on the already existing route of the museum. The AR-tour is something they are the first ones using. It is also possible to do the Mission Eureka tour. If you choose to do this tour you will get a tablet that needs to be used at certain points. On these points you will be asked multiple choice questions about all the information, which you need to recollect if you do not know the answer. Mission Eureka is a fun tour to participate in with more people. You could make a competition out of it with your siblings, parents or grandparents!

De Witte Dame, which is next to the museum, is another must see in Eindhoven and easy to combine as it is the neighbor of the Philips museum. If you are visiting the Philips museum and De Witte Dame there are many shops, restaurants and other must-sees in Eindhoven nearby. Because of all the technological knowledge Philips is claiming to be more than just a ‘lightbulb’ and shows it is worth to be one of the must-sees from Eindhoven.

Adress: Emmasingel 31, 5611 AZ Eindhoven Phone Number: +31 040 235 9030