Woensel West

Woensel west is a district in the west of Eindhoven. This former Philips working-class district has been transformed into a modern, colorful and hip area!

In Eindhoven itself, this neighborhood used to be known for its problems such as prostitution and crime. After Philips left Strijp-S, many people from this neighborhood found themselves out of work and looking for alternative ways to earn money. A major problem was that prostitution had become mixed up in the streets in this neighborhood, creating unsafe situations. In the evenings there were traffic jams in the streets, deals were made and there was also street prostitution. This, in combination with the various cafes scattered throughout the district, where matters from the criminal circuit were discussed, created an unsafe environment. Unfortunately, the neighborhood still has a bad image for many people, but that is unjustified. In 2007, the government will map out all problem neighborhoods in the Netherlands and draw up a ten-year plan for each neighborhood to tackle the problems. That is the moment that Woensel West neighborhood company is established, in which someone from the housing association, residents' council and from the municipality has a seat. The result is now visible. There is a special square for prostitution, many cafes are closed, the primary school has a new location and many old houses have already been replaced by new buildings with fresh colours, lots of greenery and beautiful murals. It looks open and inviting!

The first part that has been taken care of is now called Volta Galvani. The name refers to the two discoverers of galvanism (Galvani) and the battery (Volta), respectively. In the large entrance gate to the courtyard hangs a huge lamp and the shape of the gate is also reminiscent of the lamp. When you walk into this courtyard you have the idea that you are in a country around the Mediterranean Sea and not in Eindhoven.

If you step back into the Edisonstraat from Volta Galvani, you will be amazed at the Woensel West side stores with very special shops of small independents. Don't expect well-known chain stores here, but rather separate shops with, for example, wooden toys, art, tattoos, foreign delicacies, curiosities, furniture and organic wines. Also nice is a real estate agency annex art gallery or a bakery where they sell day-old bread and pastries at a reduced rate. Great concept against food waste.

A tip is the new Kelderman & Van Noort (KEVN) on Galileistraat. A combination of food, drink and art. They themselves call it 'the house of makers and viewers' with studios, exhibitions and a bar in the green. It has just been delivered and the result may be there. Opposite this is one of the best pizzerias in the city in the building 'Brooklyn Square'; La Vita e Bella.

Would you also like to browse the vintage clothing racks in this special district? Then definitely visit Yetunde & Yatva where you can buy clothing and accessories purchased in England. Not only is the store vintage, but they also run a sixties hotel where you can spend the night in this style. A lovely ambiance with a wonderful hostess.

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