For real car enthusiasts DAF museum Eindhoven is an excellent place to visit.

The museum is a 10-minute walk from the center of Eindhoven, but with the public transport the center is also easy to reach. In the center you can shop and have lunch, dinner or something to drink. The museum is also 10 minutes away from the DOWN TOWN gourmet market, where you can taste delicious different dishes.

The museum has a collection of DAF vehicles from the foundation of the company to the modern trucks of today. The restored workshop of the van Doorne brothers is definitely worth a visit. In the workshop you can also see the tools that were used at that time besides the blacksmith fire.

In the history hall of the museum you will relive the history of DAF as a visitor. The auditorium has 10 different monitors and a period of 10 years of events is played on each monitor. In addition to DAF’s history, there are also three monitors that will let you know more about the future vision of the company on transport.

Various prototypes have also been set up in the DAF museum. Many of these prototypes have never been taken into production such as the royal beach car. On the other hand, you can also view the passenger cars that have been taken into production. Not to mention the ‘riding raincoat’ is also on display in the museum, a tricycle that could be put down in the hallway at home.

Het Picusterrein is located around the DAF museum Eindhoven, a large area where a new building is currently being built.

Various guided tours are held in the museum by volunteers. During the tour you can ask all your questions and learn more about DAF. You can indicate this on the website. Entrance tickets can be collected at the museum, which is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. The museum is easily accessible by public transport or car.

Parking is very easy at the DAF museum. In the center there are several parking garages, after that it will be a 10-minute walk. You can also park your car at the museum.