The Hovenring

The Hovenring is a bicycle roundabout suspended from cables that are attached to a kind of large pylon. This construction looks very futuristic but is actually very useful and very safe. For cyclists, a high-lying roundabout has been created here in a particularly beautiful way, completely free of the underlying roads for cars and without traffic lights for cyclists.

Construction started in May 2011 and the bridge was opened to traffic six months later. Because it was the first floating bicycle roundabout there were some problems and a week later the roundabout was closed again due to a small design flaw. The roundabout will not be fully open until June 29, 2012.

The structure contains a pylon of 70 meters, 24 cables that hold the construction up and has a diameter of 75 meters.

The structure is described by several people as an inverted bear pit. This is not only because you cycle up as a cyclist on the Hovenring and down in the bear pit. The Hovenring is also known for its technical feats and the Berenkuil for creativity and freedom.

Do you want to take a nice bike ride? Then cycle via the Tegenbosch bicycle bridge along the canal to the hovenring.

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