The iconic event location in Eindhoven

The Evoluon is an impressive building designed by Louis Kalff and Leo de Bever. It looks like a UFO and serves as a convention centre and event location in Eindhoven.

The Evoluon is located in the Brainport region, people call this ‘the breeding ground for technology and innovation’. When you visit this place it is also nice to go to the grafitti wall near the Strijp-S railway station. From here you can get on the train or walk in 20 minutes to the city centre of Eindhoven and visit the Philips museum or the modern art museum van Abbe. Besides that it is fun to go to an event like the light festival Glow held in November and drink a beer or wine on one of the many terraces in Eindhoven.

Back in the days, the Evoluon was a science museum. Frits Philips (the boss from the Philips concern) was the founder. He wanted to make a permanent exhibition space for large groups of people. The Evoluon was a kind of promotional tool for the technical progress, in which the company Philips played a big role.

In 1963 the construction of the Evoluon was started, three years later it was opened. It was the anniversary gift from Philips to the city Eindhoven and it’s people. From the opening to the 80’s the exhibitions got many visitors. The exhibitions were in theme’s like health, relaxation, knowlegde and science. Modern technology was also explained to the people. Interaction between people played a big role.

Since 1998 the Evoluon serves as a event location in Eindhoven. Besides that it is a municipal monument and an icon of the city Eindhoven. The building has a futuristic appearance and it is really big. Because of that it is really impressive to see. The Evoluon has beautiful surroundings with water and nature. It is especially nice to see the building in the evening because it is lit by lights.

The Evoluon is an awarded event location and a special location to party, meet, to have dinner and drink something or to give a workshop. Would you like to visit a building with a rich history? Book a tour quickly and experience this unique event location in Eindhoven.

Evoluon, Noord Brabantlaan 1A, 5652 LA Eindhoven 040 – 25 04 620

From the central station you can take the train to railway station Strijp-S, this takes 7 minutes. From here you can take the bus or walk to the Evoluon.  There is free access to the site and it is wheelchair friendly