Henri Dunant Park

Located in Noord-Eindhoven, this park is located in the Woensel district. It is a 22 hectare park which was designed in 1971 because a piece of green had to be created in this then new part of the city. The park had to be a great contrast to the surrounding area, which consists of straight buildings.

It has come into its own because there is a lot of variety in the park. From distant vistas to short sightlines and curved paths patterns to rectilinear patterns. The park is also used for through bicycle traffic. The park connects two residential areas, namely De Tempel where the park is located and the Woenselse Heide.

There is a wide variety of greenery in the park due to the many types of trees that are there. Poplars, Willows, Essen, Oaks, chestnuts and birches are among others in the park. In addition to the big difference in green, there is also a difference in height.

The park is not only beautiful to look at and to walk in, Eindhoven is not Eindhoven if there is no idea behind it. In the middle of the park is a large pond, which has been used since 2010 for the drainage of rainwater in the district. In this way the quality of the water is improved. This is how Eindhoven connects technical innovation with nature.

It is also a lovely park for a picnic. For children there is a nice playground and a huge mountain. Playpark de Splinter is also located in this park. Want to see another park? Then cross over to the Blixembosch district for the Aanschotpark and the Aanschotse Beemden. During nice days there is always an ice cream vendor for a delicious Italian ice cream.

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