The Clock Building

The clock building is located on the Strijp-S site in the Strijp district. Strijp-S belonged to Philips and the nickname for this site was also 'the forbidden city'. If you were not a Philips employee, you were not allowed in. Strijp-S was the first site, Strijp-T the second and Strijp-R the third. It never got that far, but it was originally the intention to also build Strijp-IJ and P.

The clock building was completed in 1928 and Philips made the Philite here, its own protected name for bakelite, which was used for all kinds of technical purposes. Frits Philips started his career in this building in 1930. The buildings opposite, the engine room and the boiler house, provided the site with heat. The name of the building is due to the clock in the tower with the letters of Philips incorporated.

The Klokgebouw is now the beating heart of creative Eindhoven with more than 100 entrepreneurs in the creative sector. There are now a huge number of creative, innovative companies on the entire site.

The imposing building of 30,000 m2 also offers space for performers. PopEi offers plenty of practice space and a stage to anyone who wants to do something with dance or pop music.

The ROC is located directly adjacent to the clock building with the artist and rock education. There are also beautiful areas on the ground floor for events of up to 10,000 visitors.

The Blue Collar hotel can be found on the right side of the building. This quirky two-star hotel is full of characteristic elements from the Philips era. The atmosphere is robust and industrial. The Starlight lounge restaurant can be found on the top floor with a magnificent view over the city. The Blue Collar Hotel stands for an accessible, lively and sturdy Rock & Roll Hotel with a contemporary and idiosyncratic character, where experience and hospitality are of paramount importance.

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