Park Meerland

This park forms the green heart of Meerhoven, it is also located right in the center of the youngest district of Eindhoven. The area where the park is now located used to be a military airbase called the Welschap. The base is now located on the same site as Eindhoven Airport with the name Eindhoven Air Base.

Park Meerland has won several prizes such as the Dirk Roosenburg architecture and audience award. The beautiful park is 60 hectares in size, comparable to 100 football fields. The park is laid out in the English landscape style with slopes, hills, forests, wide grassy plains, beautiful views, meandering fens, bridges and large water streams. The park connects five neighborhoods of Meerhoven; Sandy, Woody, Grassy, Watery and Meerrijk.

The park can be divided into three parts and in two of them cows are grazing. The third part is a playing field. Residents do activities on this that can be organized by anyone. This way the park feels very lively very quickly. In addition to the beautiful greenery, there is also a very beautiful fauna to behold. Think of storks and sand martins, but several endangered bird species have also been spotted in this nature reserve.

You must see this special park if you are in the area. Really recommended. And if you're in the area, visit the former airport building across the park. A catering facility called Echt Welschap is located in the building.


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