A place to relax in Eindhoven

Park pavilion Philips de Jongh is a cosy pavilion, in a quiet and beautiful park. It is the ideal place to relax in Eindhoven and to talk while enjoying the nature around you.

The pavilion is located at the Oirschotsdijk 2. The park is a nice place to get away from the vibrant city, and to sit back and to enjoy nature. In the pavilion is a nice atmosphere and it is a good place to come together, relax and to enjoy the view. The pavilion is near the training complex of PSV, the biggest football club in Eindhoven, the name of the complex is called the Herdgang.

The Herdgang is next to the pavilion. There are closed and open trainings. If there is an open training you can come watch and you can make pictures with the players. Because the Herdgang is next to the Philips de Jongh park, you can combine your visit to the pavilion with a visit to the complex where you may be able to watch a training of PSV. The football team often runs in this park. You can watch the training of the team in the morning and then spend the rest of your day in the park. You can grab a bite to eat and maybe you can play football with your new ball from PSV, and after that you can enjoy a walk in the park. Sounds lovely!

The pavilion is very large and it has an outside terrace. This is great in the summer, because you can sit on the terrace enjoying a drink in the sun with a nice view of the park. The pavilion is known for its peace and quiet. You are not only in the middle of a park, but also in the middle of the woods. Because it is away from the city you are not bothered with any noise.

So, do want anything other than the busy Eindhoven, and do you want to relax in Eindhoven but still be in nature? Than the park pavilion is the place to be! Come to the park pavilion and you will get a great reception. Get away from the busy and crowded city and come by the park pavilion!