Radio Monument

In the 1920s, after a hesitant start, Philips plunged into the radio market. On March 12, 1927, researchers succeeded in establishing the first radio contact with the Dutch overseas territories using a shortwave transmitter: Hello Dutch East Indies! Here PCJJ, the shortwave transmitter of the

Philips laboratories, Eindhoven, Holland'. Philips is the first to bridge such a large distance – 16,000 kilometres. Admiring reactions followed from all over the world. The first radio link is an important stimulus for the developments surrounding radio. In September 1927, the first Philips radio is presented. In the same year, Philips started the mass production of radio sets. The growth is so turbulent that five years later the group has grown into the largest radio manufacturer in the world.

The monument that tries to portray this event was designed by Dirk Roosenburg and created in 1936 by sculptor Albert Termote. The statue is a reminder of the first radio connection with the then Dutch East Indies.

The statue must represent a woman calling out across the sea to send a message to the other side. Philips must represent the calling woman, the call must represent radio contact and the water must represent the great distance to the Dutch East Indies.

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