St. Peter's Basilica

The St. Peter's Basilica in Oirschot is the second oldest church in the village. The oldest is a stone's throw away and is called Mariakerk. The foundation of the Mariakerk goes back to the 8e century. Because this church was too small and could not be expanded, the Saint Peter's Church was built in 1268. However, this church burned down in 1462 and soon after they started rebuilding it. Mainly due to a lack of money, the construction of the new church was often and for a long time halted, but in 1515 the new building was finished.

In the beginning, the church still had a spire on the church tower, but after a lightning strike in 1627, it was destroyed and not restored. The church has gone through many changes over time. For example, from 1648 to 1799 the church became a Protestant church and after this time the Catholics returned and the church was completely restored in 1887. Unfortunately, 17 years later, the tower still partially collapsed. The tower was restored through a fundraising campaign. In 1944 during the liberation the Allies passed through Oirschot and on October 2 of that year the tower was shelled. Once again the roof collapsed and the restoration lasted from 1945 to 1952. The church has been classified as a national monument since 1966 in order to preserve the special building.

In 2013, the church was awarded the honorary title of basilica due to the special sanctuaries and historical significance of the church. The chimes are also very special. it is one of the largest assemblies of loud bells in the Netherlands and very beautiful to listen to.

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