Eindhoven is a very busy city with many buildings. When you walk around, you almost can’t believe that there will be a quiet and peaceful place like the Stadswandelpark. It is a relaxing park, with a lot of opportunities. A perfect place for your relaxing activities in Eindhoven. It is like the Central Park in New York City, but in Eindhoven. When the weather permits, you can just go there with your picnic basket and escape the buzz of the city for a nice lunch, mid-day activity or dinner. But of course, you can also just go there, and as its name says, walk and wonder around.

The park has various kinds of nature, art sculptures, the Dr. A.F. Philips observatory and nice walking routes. The park also has a few nice monuments, like the radio monument, which was built in memory of the first radiographic connection with Dutch East Indies. And you can even walk long distance routes from the Stadswandelpark, to the Dommelplantsoen, the Anne Frank Plantsoen, the Genneper Parken and even more. In the earlier years, the Stadswandelpark and the Dommelplantsoen were one bigger park together.

The river ‘Dommel’ is a small river, which flows through the Netherlands and Belgium. The river crosses Eindhoven and follows its ways to ‘s Hertogenbosch. Through the Dommeldal you can cross the city and enjoy the calming nature but the busier parts of the city as well. It’s a diverse and nice way to go walking in Eindhoven.

The Stadswandelpark lies on a few minutes walking distance from the city district Statum, and just around the corner of the Park theatre.
There is enough parking availability around the park; you can park your car at the parking lots between the Park theatre and the Stadspaviljoen, the parking lots next to the Sint Joris Church or at the Bomanshof.

How to get there?
Walking from the Eindhoven Central Station will take you 30 minutes. You can get there by a 15-minute bike ride, or you can go by bus. You can take the bus at the central station and get off the bus at the Looiakkerstraat. You can take bus 7, 317, 318 and 407.
The Stadswandelpark is easily accessible for disabled people.