City walking park

Are you looking for a quiet and relaxing place in the middle of the busy city? There is a lot of green in Eindhoven, but the city walking park is really special. So centrally located, but you still imagine yourself in a completely different environment, that's the best way to describe this park.

In addition to the existing greenery and water features, you will find art, an observatory and monuments such as the radio monument. Also nice to visit once it is open; the dr. AF Philips observatory.

Would you like to sit on a terrace after your walk? Then visit the park hotel with a view of the park and enjoy a delicious drink, lunch or dinner. The property is truly stunning and nostalgic. The park theater is also located in this park, where you can enjoy a wonderful evening out.

The great thing about many parks in Eindhoven is that they are connected to each other, and so is the city walking park. The Dommelplantsoen is almost connected and on the other side of the ring are the Genneper parks. These are three completely different parks. It is actually very simple to find many beautiful parks; follow the small river Dommel and you will automatically come across most of the parks.

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