Volta Galvanic

This first part of the district, which was the first to be renovated, is called Volta Galvani. The name refers to the two discoverers of galvanism (Galvani) and the battery (Volta), respectively. A huge lamp hangs in the large entrance gate to the courtyard and the shape of the gate is also reminiscent of the lamp. When you walk into this courtyard you have the idea that you are in a country around the Mediterranean Sea and not in Eindhoven.

It is colourful, fairytale-like and completely different from what you are used to. A quiet, oriental-looking courtyard in Woensel-West with special facades in fresh colours.
But when you have passed the 'kashba' gate you are right in the middle of the liveliness of the Woensel WestSide Stores. Here you will find special and trendy shops, but also many cozy terraces and culinary hotspots.

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