Upcoming Woensel West is the place to be!

Old district with bad image changed into modern, colourful and hip

The city of Eindhoven in the South of the Netherlands has a lot of unknown, interesting spots. One of these interesting places to visit is the district: Woensel West. It’s a district located in the west of the centre. In Eindhoven itself this district used to be known for its problems like prostitution and crime. Woensel-west is a working-class district and is full of rental houses and very small homes. A TV-show in the Netherlands in which they visit ‘issue districts’ has even highlighted this district. The image of all the problems that took place in Woensel-West really wasn’t advantageous for the city. That’s why the community council decided to start making improvements a few years ago. And today, you can really see the result of that.

One of the things that they did is replace old houses for completely new ones. These houses are unique and outstanding because of their colours. The houses are painted in all kinds of colours and this shows the new image of the upcoming district: colourful, hip and dynamic. The area with the new houses is called: the Celsiusbuurt.

Besides the new houses, they ‘ve also built new stores and restaurants full of vintage fashion, culinary food beauty, wellness, music and a lot more. The new shopping area is called: the Woensel Westside stores which is now an upcoming place for shopping in Eindhoven

Woensel-West is really worth a visit, to see all the changes this district made and which resulted that the district is really standing out from the surrounding districts. It’s a nice place for shopping in Eindhoven.  The visit of Woensel-West probably won’t take a whole day but you can easily combine it with visiting other highlights.

Strijp-S is an area which used to be filled with offices and factories, but nowadays are used as store or hotel, it’s another very interesting place with a different vibe but still good for shopping in Eindhoven. Then there’s the possibility to end your day in the centre of the city with a lot of shopping possibilities and restaurants.

Both these places are accessible by foot from Woensel-West. If you want to go to Woensel-West,  just take the train from Eindhoven to Eindhoven Strijp- S. Then it’s only a 5-minute walk and you are on location. If you are interested, plan your trip now!