Heeze . Castle

Heeze Castle is one of the few inhabited castles in the Netherlands. The castle is located in Heeze, which is southeast of Eindhoven. It consists of two parts. One part is a medieval castle and the other part was built later in 1665 by Pieter Post. He was a well-known architect and, among other things, known for the design of the meeting room of the first chamber.

Until 1648, the castle was dedicated to the Duke of Brabant. After this it became the property of the States General of the United Provinces. However, in 1658 there was no successor and the castle was sold. The new owner wanted to rebuild the castle as the castle had fallen into disrepair over the years. The idea was to destroy the entire castle and build a new and much larger castle. The order was given to Pieter Post, but the plans to tear down the entire building and build a new castle were never realized and only a front building was erected. The castle has been inhabited by several famous people from history. For example, a counselor named Paul Henri Thiry d'Holbach of King Louis XV lived there.

In 1760 the castle was sold to Jan Maximiliaan van Tuyll and to this day the castle belongs to the Van Tuyll family. The castle gives guided tours and can be admired in this way. Visit castleheeze.nl for more information. Combine the visit with a walk on the Strabrechtse Heide, the entrance is also in Heeze.

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