Discover the light route Eindhoven

From September 18, 2021 to October 10, 2021 there will be the annual Eindhoven light route again in Eindhoven.

Lichtjesroute Eindhoven, you must have seen it!

You may be thinking what is a light route?
Every year, for three weeks, as many as 100,000 lights burn through Eindhoven. It concerns 60 projects that volunteers work on for months to illuminate our city of light for three weeks. The light route of 22 kilometers consists of a route through the center of Eindhoven, and through the districts of Stratum, Strijp and Woensel.
This route of lights is a tribute to the liberation by the Allies on September 18, 1944. The soldiers were welcomed by the people of Eindhoven at the time with lamps behind the windows.

The lamps are lit on September 18 and are extinguished on the 2nd Sunday of October at 10:30 pm. The lamps are on Sunday to Thursday from 19.00 you until 22.30 you and Friday and Saturday from 19.00 you up to 23.30 youA large part of the ornaments only comes on when the lampposts are switched on.

You can follow this fun route by car, bicycle, moped or motorcycle. The quietest days are Monday to Thursday. It is busier on weekends, so take into account traffic jams on the route.

  • By bike without children: two hours;
  • By bike with children: three hours;
  • By car midweeks: one and a half hours;
  • By car at the weekend: three hours, traffic jams!
  • On foot: about 6 hours, advice: do it in two stages.

It is super special to cycle the route with the route and that is why the organization has even provided a light route Guide: the izi.Travel app, which shows the cycling route on a map and automatically plays sound fragments of the audio tour at 23 locations. Listen to the Smurfs, learn what Poppy Day means and discover what the little Lampmaker has to do with Philips. When you have started the audio tour, izi.Travel keeps track of where you are at that moment via the GPS of your device. When you come close to an ornament, izi Travel automatically plays the accompanying sound fragment.

Rent our E-Fatbikes during the lights route and enjoy the beautiful lights, the cosiness and comfort of the E-Fatbikes. Enjoy and not get tired by cycling, what more could you want? 

You start at our home office between 7 pm and 7:30 pm and are back between 10 pm and 11 pm.

Price: € 29.95 per E-Fatbike (children from 7 to 11 years old can ride for free) Full = Full. click on this link For more information. 

Tip! The organization of the Lichtjesroute has been encouraging visitors for years to cycle the Lichtjesroute, which is why they are organizing a special cycling evening on 25 September.

To give the cycling evening some extra atmosphere, there are things to experience in various places. 

Music groups at 4 locations in the city create a cozy atmosphere. Visitors can also enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea. For the children there is Ranja.

These places are:

  1. Vlokhoven
  2. Hendrik de Keyzer pond
  3. Pastorie Street 108
  4. Burghplein
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Simone Greefhorst

Simone Greefhorst


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